International Tabletop Day Offer

International Tabletop Day Offer !!!

With International Tabletop Day just around the corner, we spent some time thinking about what we could do to make it that extra bit special. We thought long and we thought hard and it finally came to us: Why not do something simple that really catches everyones eye. So, with that in mind, we present to you our ONE WEEK ONLY International Tabletop Day Offer!

We took our most popular table in the Denis and we looked at what the most popular sizes were. With all of the info we had, we have created something both a family and a group of gamers can all enjoy! When we say “4-6 people” or “6-8” people, it does depend on who the people are, but these are general guidelines and usually very accurate. The tables will have your choice of three stains; Natural, Teak, and Walnut as well as your choice of inset colour on our beautiful baize inset. There are no extras included in this offer, so that means no LED strip or Sound System as well as no accessories. If you do wish to add these options on for an extra cost, you are able to do so though.

This offer is for ONE WEEK ONLY and will run from Saturday 29th of April until Saturday 6th of May. If you wish to secure this fantastic offer, the deposit is £1000 and as with any of our tables, these are handcrafted so please allow 3 months for production of the table. This offer is also primarily open to EU customers but if you have any enquiries then do not hesitate to contact us on info@geeknson.com