Megan Table Offer!

Megan Game Table + Free USB and Leaf Box !!!

We’re bringing you something special that will really let you SPRING forward into…well…..Spring!

Any new Megan table orders for the next few months will not only be getting a table in Wild Oak complete with leaves and Inset, you’ll also be getting a USB charger AND a Leaf Box to match the table completely FREE!

The Wild Oak is a fantastic wood that will really stand out as a fantastic centrepiece for any room!

This is all included in the final price of £1900/$2650 to give you a FANTASTIC deal on your very own gaming table! All you have to do is get in touch with us through e-mail (info@geeknson.com) or order one through the website to start the process!

Transform your gaming experience today with our Megan Table offer and remember: With a Geeknson table, any room is a game room!

Geeknson Team