Geeknson was founded by Marcin Szachniewicz and Łukasz Rychel and is the UK based manufacturer of bespoke furniture made out of the highest quality hardwood. Geeknson are a family-run business which is focused on producing a wide range of furniture for Geeks. We ultimately want to fulfil the needs of a constantly growing market of people wanting to change their hobby into a life experience. As gamers ourselves, we know thousands of people are playing a wide range of games, however, they lack good quality furniture. To help them, we wanted to use our own experience to take their gaming experiences to the next level. This is why at Geeknson, we focus our expertise on manufacturing many different varieties of furnishings such as Gaming tables, cabinets, chairs etc.

When it comes to our furniture, we pride ourselves on using quality hardwood such as Oak and Ash. Other woods are available should our customers request this. With most orders we receive, these are specific to each individuals needs. We are also planning to produce a number of standard size furniture in higher quantities so that we can make these more affordable to a greater number of people.

Here at Geeknson, we pride ourselves on our customer service and problem solving. If you come to us with a problem, we will try our hardest to find a solution for you. We are here to help your order run as smooth as possible through the designing and ordering process, so that we can provide you with the geek furniture you deserve.