How do I place my order?

Once you have chosen what you want from your bespoke table, contacting Geeknson will start your journey with us.
We will double check your order with you and give you a quote, once you are happy with that, paying your deposit
will then confirm with our production team to start your order.

How long does a table take?

A Denis table will be around 3 months.
A Henry table will be between 4-5 months.
All tables will be crafted by one crafts person at the production site, ensuring the high standards of quality we at Geeknson thrive on.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs are dependant on individual orders. Geeknson are proud to work with



who handle all shipments going outside of the E.U and when the Geeknson team will not be able to assist with the delivery.

What happens next?

As the table goes into production, the craftsmen will be keeping us up to date of any progress if required.
A few weeks before the table is finished we will contact you and give a expected delivery date and request the remaining balance of your order be cleared.

What happens if I change my mind on part of my order once I pay my deposit?

Once the deposit is paid the order is started but you do have a 7day period to make sure you are completely decided on your final
choices and can make amendments to your order with in the first 7 days.

What happens with delivery?

For all European orders Geeknson use their own delivery team arriving in the now famous Geeknson van.
This means we are in control of how your table arrives and we know it will be looked after all the way to your home on it’s journey from the production site.
The delivery team will put your table in the exact spot that you want it and for and additional £50 fee will even assemble your table for you.

Is the shipping cost including any imports and customs changes?

Not always. E.U customers will have paid VAT on orders already but most countries outside of the E.U will have additional customs and import taxes in accordance to the country where the order is shipped to.

How easy is the assembly of the table?

The table arrives in two separate packages, Table top and legs. It is then a case of using the assembly instructions provided
to remove the table from the packaging and attach the table leg

Something is wrong.

Your table is covered by our 12 month warranty and you will receive an official certificate to authorise this.

Refunds and cancellations.

All deposits are non-refundable as all items are custom built.

Cancellation of order will result in any refunds to have any charges and additional costs deducted.